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Headshot Happy Hour

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Getting Ready for Picture Day

You’ll want to start getting prepared a few days before your shoot. If you’re properly prepared for the shoot, you’ll not only have an easier and more stress-free time during the shoot, but the resulting images will look a ton better than if you just winged it.



Clothing is a form of expression and the clothes that you pick to wear will reflect your personality in the images. My best piece of advice when choosing clothes is the simpler, the better.

  • Choose simple and solid colors, or keep patterns simple to avoid distractions in the photos.

  • Bring multiple changes of clothes to the shoot to have variety in your photos.

  • Make sure all clothes are ironed and pressed for a polished look.

  • Bring a lint brush or roller to remove any lint or pet hair from your clothes.

  • Consider wearing clothes that represent your brand and its values.

  • Opt for well-fitted clothes that flatter your body shape and create a clean and polished appearance.

  • Consider wearing layers or accessories to add interest and depth to your outfit without distracting from the main focus of the photos.

  • Consider bringing a blazer or jacket that can easily be added or removed for different looks and versatility in your photos.



When it comes to hair for a photoshoot, ensure it is well-groomed, styled appropriately for your desired look, and consider using lightweight styling products for a polished appearance.


  • Consider hiring a professional hair stylist for the morning of the shoot for a polished look.

  • Practice different hairstyles in advance to see what works best for you.

  • Avoid drastic changes to your hair right before the shoot to prevent any unexpected issues.

  • Get a fresh haircut a few days before the shoot to ensure a well-groomed look without any last-minute surprises.

  • Use a lightweight styling product to tame any unruly hair and create a polished appearance.

  • Bring a comb or brush for quick touch-ups during the shoot to keep your hair looking its best.


Makeup/Skin Care

Focus on enhancing your natural features with subtle makeup and proper skincare to achieve a fresh and glowing complexion that will translate well in photos.

  • Start with natural makeup and build up as needed for a professional yet natural look.

  • Avoid matte styles of makeup that can dry out your skin, and opt for a dewy finish.

  • Bring makeup, moisturizer, lip balm or lip gloss for touch-ups during the shoot.

  • Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush the night before to ensure smooth lips for photos.

  • Take care of your skin leading up to the shoot by keeping it hydrated and well-maintained.

  • Bring moisturizer, lip balm or lip gloss for touch-ups during the shoot.



During Your Photoshoot

During the photoshoot, remember to be relaxed, natural, and confident, while following the photographer's direction, expressing genuine emotions, and staying true to your personal style and brand image.

  • Follow the photographer's direction for posing and facial angles.

  • Ask the photographer to play your favorite artist to help ease tension and create a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Relax and let your guard down for more natural expressions in your photos.

  • Avoid forcing your smile and leave a little space between your teeth for a more natural look.

  • Squint your eyes slightly to exude confidence and a genuine expression.

  • Take breaks as needed to relax, sip water, and step away from the lights if necessary.


After Your Photoshoot

After your photoshoot, you can select your favorite images for further use and enjoyment.You will be giving a delivery date for your finished photo after the selection is complete.

  • Review and Select: Take the time to review all the photos

  • Consider Variety: Aim for a diverse selection of photos that capture different angles, poses, and emotions. 

  • Pay Attention to Details: Look for images with good lighting, sharp focus, and pleasing composition. 

  • Reflect Your Style: Choose photos that align with your personal style and the purpose of the photoshoot. 

  • Plan Usage: Consider how you plan to use the photos and select accordingly. 

  • Backup Your Photos: Once you have selected and edited your favorite photos, make sure to back them up in multiple locations.

  • Enjoy and Share: Finally, enjoy your photos and share them with pride! Make sure to tag us in your images as you share them online.

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