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5 Steps to Get Your Mind Right.

The key to moving forward in life is staying focused on what you can control, which for most people means not letting others' opinions get in your way. You'll find that when it's just a matter of contributing without seeking acceptance or approval, then the creative juices flow more readily, and opportunities present themselves naturally!

Here are five tips for getting your mind right before launching your next project or planning your next effort— stop getting in your head and overthinking your ideal. Use these tips to get moving.

1. Access your strengths

First things first, you have access to what you have to work with. What are your strengths, and what weapons are in your arsenal? Before you can form a plan of attack, you have to be clear on what tools are on the table. If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready.

2. Acknowledge the barriers

Many times not identifying barriers allows them to show up unexpectedly. But Barriers can be opportunities in disguise when we are clear on what and where they are. Barriers sometimes show up as challenges, but they can also be motivation. For instance, knowing you have limited resources allows you to do more with less or strategize on allocating capital. Simply put, the more you know, the better you can plan and execute.

3. Stop seeking approval or validation.

Not everyone celebrates your wins, and some folks will never see your vision. One thing is for sure 100% of shots not taken miss. Validation has to be gauged internally. Looking for approval from the outside is a sure-fire way to ground momentum. The only approval necessary to win is the approval of a well-executed plan. When an opportunity presents itself, you have to be ready to jump. In the words of Jack Canfield, "Ready, Fire, Aim! Your heart knows when to take the shot you can calibrate as you fire.

4. Progress, not perfection.

For so many of us, perfection turns into procrastination. The need to have every small piece perfect kills the ability to get the job done. This is not to say you should sacrifice quality, but knowing when to release the ball is vital to winning the game.

5. Stop the comparisons.

I've learned this lesson again and again. The only competition is usually yourself. There is no time to look left or right; the only place to focus is the finish line. Comparing ourselves to others is a recipe for failure. Everyone has different resources, assets, and challenges to face. It's a misaligned effort to equate your work, business, or progress to anyone. First, you can never know what others had to do or sacrifice to get where they are. More importantly, it doesn't matter. There are no coincides or mistakes; there are only choices and results. Wherever you land on the board, play heart out and see everything as an opportunity to win.

Our thoughts can get in the way of our progress. We must focus on being intentional and not perfect. Comparing ourselves to others and their results leads to self-sabotage which prevents us from growing and executing our plans. Getting out of your way is vital, so you can take charge and change those areas in your life that are under control. Your actions begin with your thoughts. Get out of your way and get started. It's time to get your mind right! You can do this and I can help.

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