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Dr. Melany Silas, A Woman Making History

As we celebrate Women's History Month, it is important to recognize and honor the amazing women who are making history today. One such woman is Dr. Melany Silas, a woman who has dedicated her life to community service, cultural innovation, education, and empowerment.

Dr. Silas is a force to be reckoned with. Her commitment to community service and education is evident in her work as an educator for over 25 years, including 18 years at Monroe Community College. As a tenured Full Professor in the Health and Physical Education Department, Dr. Silas has created and coordinated the course "Black Women’s Mental Health and Wellness." Her dedication to education and the wellness of Black women is truly inspiring.

Dr. Silas is also a cultural innovator, founding MJS Productions, LLC, a production company committed to producing original pieces of work on the theatrical stage and hosting renowned guests to evoke a sense of community empowerment and healing. Since the inception of her production company in 2010, Dr. Silas has written, directed, produced, and served as a songwriter for 18 productions and events. Her first production, Black Girls Anthem, sold out six shows one weekend at Geva Theater. She has hosted many empowerment events, including a sold-out event with icon Angela Davis.

Dr. Silas also mentors numerous young women in Rochester, NY, and abroad, serving as a mom, coach, mentor, and minister. She is a true proverbs 31 woman, serving in her faith-based community and being recognized by a variety of magazines and newspapers, including the Democrat and Chronicle, About Time, and Open Mic Magazines.

Women like Dr. Melany Silas make history today, and we must celebrate and honor them. So, I encourage you to nominate the women in your life who are making history today at Let's continue to recognize and honor the women who are changing the world.

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