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Emotions Lie

Our emotions are important; we must pay attention to them, learn to know them well, and understand their complexities. However, this does not imply that they always tell us the truth. Our emotions might be deceiving at times.

When you hear footsteps behind you in a dark parking garage, you should be concerned. It is a horrible, soul-stealing deception to be concerned about what people will think of the size of your waist or pocketbook as you go into a party.

My emotions deceive me whenever a new competition appears. I'm sometimes concerned about what they'll give that I can't. My gut tells me that my products or services aren't nearly good enough. They tell me to stop coaching and consulting entirely.

Many of us have been accustomed to listening to the lies that our emotions tell us. Many of us are unable to attain our full potential because we lack the restorative power of love, grace, creativity, and joy.

Put your emotions in check and live your best life.

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