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11 Reasons Storytelling in Business Is So Important

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Storytelling in business has been around for as long as business itself. After all, a good story moves humans to act like nothing else. Because of the power of storytelling in business, you need to tell the stories that are genuine, true, and relevant to your brand, your audience, and your reason for existing.

Here are 11 reasons why storytelling in business is so important.

1. Stories Sell – Human nature is such that it’s natural that people like stories. We want them in all the ways we can consume them: from verbal stories to movies, to books, and more. Because of this fact of human nature, when you engage in storytelling in business, you will make more sales.

2. Stories Connect People – Since most humans are more alike than they are different, a good story can connect people and help advance understanding in a new way. The stories that we end up sharing bring us together and make us feel part of the world we want to be part of.

3. Stories Trigger Emotions – The right story told in the right way can trigger appropriate emotions that cause a person to take any action they might not otherwise choose. This one reason is why it’s imperative to be transparent and honest in your storytelling. It’s that powerful.

4. Stories Give Meaning to Life – All the stories we have throughout life, as well as before, during, and after life, give meaning to life. The meaning we attach to our life helps us make choices, and a good story can add to that by helping guide a consumer toward a specific purchase.

5. Stories Convey Important Messages – Sometimes, it’s hard to understand some messages if we have a lack of experience. But a good story can demonstrate an experience that due to empathy, we can relate to without having experienced the situation ourselves. This type of story helps to convey important lessons for us to follow.